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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Knee x-ray report.
Narrowing of knee joint joint and patellofemoral joint space is seen more so in the medial tibiofemur space.

Osteophytes seen from the condyles of tibia, femur and patellar margins.

Early osteoarthritis of both knee joints.

MRI Right knee

Osteoarthritic changes noted as evidenced by Marginal Osteophytes from the condyles of Tibia, Femur with mild narrowing of Knee Joint spaces and altered signal intensity.

Minimal fluid noted in the knee joint and suprapatellar bursal spaces appearing hyperintense on T2, PDFS and hypointense on T1W sequences.

No synovial hypertrophy.

ACL and PCL are normal in size and alignment, however minimum irregularity and signal changes noted at the margins.

Lateral menisci is normal in size, shape and signal intensity.

Medial and lateral collateral ligaments are normal.

Muscles, Tendons and Neuro Vascular Structures around the knee joint are normal.

Patella and Patello Femoral Articulations are normal.

Hoffa's Fat Pad is normal.

Posterior horn of the Medial meniscus show small focus of altered signal intensity extending up to Capsular surface and it appears Iso to hyperintense on all sequences.


Osteoarthritic changes of knee joint.

Grade II degeneration involving the posterior horn of medial meniscus.

Minimal knee joint effusion.
I am not qualified or capable of evaluating a report like this. What I do is search each term and also entire phrases to find information.

Briefly searched and found information on

Marginal Osteophytes - found pictures, lots of material

"Grade II degeneration involving the posterior horn of medial meniscus." Any tear found? or degeneration?

(Last year my injury was
"LATERAL COMPARTMENT: There is some degenerate signal within the lateral meniscus as well as a focal intermediate-grade, partial thickness tear at the posterior root attachment."
The Dr thought that the injury probably was not that bad. I took off tennis for 3 months and resumed playing very gradually. That knee injury is OK now. )

When an MRI says "normal" for a structure that is as good as it gets - but MRI's miss things so always keep them in mind as possibilities. The many "normal"s in your report are one very good result.

Study the anatomy of the knee structures. Study your knee results until you understand them.

Injury Location and Posture Issues. Does the location of any of the injury sites on the front (anterior), back (posterior), inside (medial) or outside (lateral) have any relation to your posture? For example, if all your Marginal Osteophytes are on the inside (medial) part of the knee, are you slightly bow legged? Or "Narrowing of knee joint joint and patellofemoral joint space is seen more so in the medial tibiofemur space." - hip muscle posture affects joint cartilage pressure and quad muscle imbalances can cause patella tracking problems.? Complex, subtle issues for a specialist. You need injury location information that may not be in your MRI report. Similar questions.

Technical reference researching the location of Marginal Osteophytes. For illustration only.

Articular Cartilage. In addition to the more mobile meniscus and lateral cartilages the knees have articular cartilages that are part of the ends of the bones. Advanced arthritis often/always? involves damage to the articular cartilages and finally the bones. What was the Dr's prognosis?

Interesting paper just found, I believe it deals mostly with articular cartilage

Lyme disease arthritis is not rare. What are its characteristics? Familiarize yourself with it and discuss with your Dr to rule it out.

Ask yourself what your goals are?

Frequently run 5 miles/distance.
Play tennis.
Cardiac-respiratory conditioning.
Maintain leg muscle.

Is running distance keeping your knees inflammed? Tennis? Dropping things that we really want to do is very tough. Take off for a few months and see how your knees feel? Find alternate exercises.

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