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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
That's makes sense on a second serve where they are trying to be aggressive and take control. On a lot of first serves it seems like people react to the ball more and are forced to hit backhands.
I agree. Clearly this is a tip for those who are not making the right decisions in
real time, so deciding in advance may help some in that area. If you are seeing
the good areas to take the serve to on the fly, why would you change to
decide in advance. Why change something that is working well? Clearly a fix
for a weakness, but if it works and helps for them,....great!

Sure I may think about trying to run around the Bh if I get anything that looks
right, but if you lock in on that decision in advance, you may get a serve that is too
flat and wide or start to move around only to get aced down the T with a crisp
one. Most of us have seen that happen to even the best players, but I'm thinking
it is more due to a poor read on the serve rather than preplanned return in most

On the other hand, maybe this is all more about terms again. For me, looking to
attack their body or Bh if I get the right ball,
is not the same as making the decision in advance.
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