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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
WD-40 is a water dissipater, hence the name. It will also help loosen rusted parts, but it does not last very long.
Take it from a stringer that's done tens of thousands of frames on an "H".

I only used WD-40 or any oil on the bearing assemblies of the tension head that contact the track.

Address unruly glide bars by
-cleaning all residues (as stated above with alcohol)

-I lubricated track and rails with the hard wax (I guess the same as pure candle wax). We used it to lube dry string 20 yrs ago and it worked great, and no mess like oils. I remember some stringers wearing aprons. These were the oil users protecting their clothes-

-put the bar on the rails and give a slight bang with a hammer on each side to adjust any misalignment issues.

The wax is also great to apply to clamp mechanisms vs oils. I still use it to prolong the life of my Star 3 clamps.
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