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Originally Posted by 5555 View Post
Do you claim that they said what they do not believe? If the answer is "Yes" can you provide proof that they said what they do not believe?
I'm saying that it is my opinion that they are using extreme hyperbole to pump him up without actually looking at the facts, and therefore it is my opinion that they are not giving an honest opinion. As I said, it depends on what facts you use to determine what an all time great is. If you use peak levels of play only then it is my opinion that he is up there with the best to have ever played the game, but this is much too narrow a view IMO, therefore IMO he is not an all time great yet.

Using your opinion from another thread, the 4 slams are the most important, and nothing else is considered "big" therefore IMO Djokovic is not an all time great. Meanwhile, it is a fact that Djokovic is not on the same all time level as the 4 guys I mentioned earlier if we consider the most important aspect (in your opinion) which is slams, because 6 slams just to match Laver, Borg, and Nadal among other things is too big of a gap IMHO.

The fact that you even had to make a thread asking this question should lead you to believe that some people will respond in the negative.

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