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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
No problem, and only one thing to add: consider buying the best stringer you can afford. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a Klippermate, not at all. The thing about the lower-end models is they're more labor intensive. Some don't mind it, have strung on them for years. Others quickly tire of the effort involved, then purchase a model with more convenience features and regret not going to a higher-end model to begin with.
Good advice.

Once you string on a better stringer you will wish you hadn't purchased an entry level model. If you string one racquet a month you are probably better off with a Klippermate or equivalent. If you string multiple racquets each week you will be happy if you saved up for something better (if you can afford it).

EDIT - I see that you only plan to string 4-5 racquets a year. You might go with an entry level model and then sell it if you decide to do more. Then again, once you have a stringer and can easily try new strings / tensions, you might find that you are using it much more than expected.
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