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So I had a longer hit with this rqt this morning, and my hitting partner said that the balls were coming thru a bit heavier and with a tad more spin. That along with it feeler a tad stiffer over the red version makes me wonder about the frame. I'm wondering how much the difference between the normal black grommets & the clear grommets make impact on the feel. Maybe the clear ones are a bit softer. I'm going to try the 25th edition with clear grommets soon.

Looking at this rqt in isolation, it plays better than the YouTek version, more comfortable & more powerful.

I also changed the pallets on the rqt to a set I'd ordered from my supplier, and it seems a better size. Weird.


I am sorry but what? S...T...I...F...F...E...R.....?????? A T...A...DDDDD... STIFFER????? Oh Boy, i just ordered 2 of 25th ones on last Friday and they will arrive on Monday with Luxilon ALU Power at 53 lbs. I've been playing best tennis with this Head Utek IG Prestige MP. I just couldn't resist the new look of these Prestige 25th Ann. Special Edition, and i've read in TW's specs for this one that these 2 are the same. It's just the paint jobs. Man, i had 5 of the Utek IG Prestige MP, and i sold to my friends 2 and sold another 2 in the Classified Forum. Sounds like the 25th one plays like the Utek Prestige MP (non IG) version? I really hated the Utek Prestige MP non IG version. To be able to play well with this Utek Prestige 98 non IG version, i had to modify a little to make it works well (and for those who are still playing with these Utek Prestige MP non IG version, you can do this little trick to make them play a whole lot more effective, and i guarantee it: take off all overgrips and replacement grips, take off the butt cap, use heat gun to remove the pallets, then install the pallets 1/4" in extra length to make your racquet becomes 27.25", put back the butt cap and all the grips you use. That's it. You think 27.25" Head Utek Prestige MP non IG version will have more power than its original 27"? Not really. To me it's likely the same but it has way more control than its original 27". Experience this and you will see exactly what i mean. Remember the total length 27.25" including the butt cap). The Utek IG Prestige MP came out and it's like i found my Holy Grail. I've been playing awesome tennis with these IG version that have the right stiffness i wanted. Why did Head make the 25th ???? I hope it still has the same stiffness. I will update that info. on Monday night. I'll start praying.
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