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Originally Posted by dimeaxe View Post
I watched Agassi since early '90s, and I'm sure you don't know what are you talking about.Agassi with better backhand and more aggressive,huh, Novak can create pace from backhand side that Agassi could only dream of.I remember when journalist asked Mardy Fish what's the secret about Novak's great ground strokes.He said he never plays two points the same way, he constantly changes the pace, and length of the shots especially of his backhand wing.Novak has much better forehand especially cross court forehand, better serve, ok Agassi had maybe a better ROS but everything else Novak does better, and you didn't mentioned the movement, it's incomparable.
Taking into account racket technology between today and Andre's time, I fail to see how ANYONE could say Nole is a harder hitter then Andre or cleaner hitter.

If Andre got to play with the poly strings back in the 90s-00s he may have won 13-14 plus slams. (Nole still only sitting on 5 right now)

Novak last year had a better FH but thats not the norm for Djoker's FH.. Actually is FH isn't all that great. I fail to see how its any better then Andre's was.'

Andre was also just flat out better between adapting his game between fast and slow surfaces. (something Nole doesn't have to worry about)

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