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Originally Posted by sonicare View Post
Can someone name me one thing that agassi does clearly better than djokovic apart from maybe hitting half volleys from the baseline?

I want something that is clear as night and day. So don't come back with return or backhand cos those are debatable.

I can point to djokovic's movement which is on a different planet to agassi.

So, please bring forth your opinions.

To answer the original question. Djokovic is definitely an all time great. Not a GOAT candidate though. You dont pawn Nadal across 3 surfaces and 7 finals consecutively at his peak without being an all time great. Add to that, his game play when down is stuff of legends.

What the Djoker has shown is that his peak is as good as anyone. he lacks longevity but hopefully that will come.

Nadal is far from his peak,and repeating this bs won't make it so.

And how much did Djesus get for Nadal when he pawned him? 50 bucks?
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