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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
So far, since I joined, reading posts of both of you in many threads I found out:

- has said before he knows Djokovic's family
- system design engineer that works with marketing
- is wrong about this topic, but doesn't want to admit

Bobby Jr:
- coached or worked coaching with Tony Roach
- Has worked in the marketing business for a long time.
- Has explained the most probable theories about Djokovic/Adidas sponsorship, which is clearly spot on.

What's right and what's wrong, who is telling the truth who isn't?
Thanks for the "non-biased" summary of the thread.
Seems like you and Bobby conveniently pick words that fit your own agenda, and summarize the whole thread.

1) I have worked as an engineer about half of my career, just when bobby got out of college. Then, I was in sales/marketing for the rest of my career.
2) I have met DJ family a few times, parents, brothers, met him twice... Knowing his family means nothing in this thread.
3) I do not mind admiting I am wrong if it can be proven to me (remember, engineer). However, so far, Bobby's been playing a single card - Novak would be crazy to wear the shoes that fit him perfect without getting big $$$$ yet, Murray, was "crazy" for quite a few years. Telling me how crazy it would be to accept the ST/uniqlo deal Limiting him on the shoe deal, yet, Adidas (worth 1000...x) is crazy not to put world's #1 face on their page or have their name on his page.. Maybe it is the sports marketing?

4) I have trained with the top player on these boards who coached at Newcomb's, Sanchez and is currently coaching at Prague's top clubs. He was and is sponsored and has shared some insights.

Again, I am not saying Bobby is wrong or right, and that I have facts. I am just questioning the logic of outdated model shoes, no face on web pages, no single google link on his sponsorship.... And then, the Murray thing that was newer answered....
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