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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Taking into account racket technology between today and Andre's time, I fail to see how ANYONE could say Nole is a harder hitter then Andre or cleaner hitter.

If Andre got to play with the poly strings back in the 90s he may have won 13-14 plus slams.

Novak last year had a better FH but thats not the norm for Djoker's FH.. Actually is FH isn't all that great. I fail to see how its any better then Andre's was.
I didn't say that Novak has great FH, Roger and Rafa r much better in this compartment, fH is bread and butter of their game, but Novak has much more balanced forehand and backhand.When you talk about poly strings you must consider all advantages and disadvantages of the racquets, balls and strings.In 90's they played with much softer balls than we have today.With softer balls and faster surfaces it's much easier to create spin of the ball than today. Today you must hit with full swing to rip the ball and create spin,and thus you need a bit more time to do this.Also, Agassi played with oversize racquet 107in.sq, and Novak plays with 98 in.sq, so Agassi played with bigger sweet spot than NovakYou didn't mention speed of both players, I remember Mats Wilander saying that Novak looks like Agassi game wise, but he's like twice as fast as Agassi...

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