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Originally Posted by Ten_nuts View Post
I am sorry but what? S...T...I...F...F...E...R.....?????? A T...A...DDDDD... STIFFER????? Sounds like the 25th one plays like the Utek Prestige MP (non IG) version? I really hated the Utek Prestige MP non IG version
It felt like couple points stiffer, but it didnt play like the Youtek MP version. It played much better, more comfortable, more controlable.

Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
My guess is the stiffness difference you're feeling is the difference between the black vs clear grommets. It would be uneconomical for HEAD to change the racket and a different colour paintjob will not make a difference.
That is my thinking. And I will try it with clear grommets. Its a shame that Head didnt finish the outside of the hoop like they did with the red one. However as 1 other poster has mentioned, the specs are not quite as expected. It only weighed the stated 320g once I put on a leather grip, but I do accept that companies work to tolerances.

I await Ten-nuts conclusion on Monday.


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