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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Negativity and Denigration from Fed on this board? ROFLMAO. Stop please.

Sampras still with 9 or 10 votes on the USO thread (despite the same number of titles as Fed and MORE slam finals appearances). No one is more denigrated then Sampras is around here. ****s on here treat Sampras like he was a 2 time slam winner and ran the ferris wheel at the country fair

Its a Federer lovefest around here and has been for years.

Heck, if I didn't know anything about tennis or federer and happened to stumble across this message board I would have thought he cured Cancer or Polio
What you're saying is having less number of votes automatically means denigration. That's just speculating.

Jerry Rice had overwhelmingly first place vote on all time greatest receiver. Anyone who follow NFL will know it's not about denigration towards other players, but simply believe he's the best.
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