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Rice has greater dibs at being the GOAT receiver as Fed does being the "GOAT" tennis player.

Federer is far from some "hands down GOAT" to ever step on a tennis court. There in lies the problem. Hes spoke of as the greatest thing to ever step on a court despite a few flaws

1. There are some guys with some arguable better resumes then Fed (Pancho, Laver, Rosewall to name a few who weren't systematically destroyed by another guy as much as Fed was by his main rival Nadal)

2. Issues with Nadal exploiting Fed since the beginning of his career which has been a huge knock on Fed's career

Fed is one of the all time greats.. But to cast him as the hands down greatest ever is another story. Laver had more longevity and greater success then Roger (despite not having as many cracks at the slams then Roger. Pancho (Same story). Rosewall if you factor in the pro slams he has a 22-23 slam count
Federer is arguably the GOAT. I have no problem with someone saying that are saying that in their opinion he is the GOAT. However as you said he is definitely not the undisputed GOAT. An undisputed GOAT of a sport is someone like Michael Phelps whose career, stats, and dominance trump all others from every possible measuring point, which is in no way true of Federer. ****s seems to have deluded themselves that he is the Michael Phelps of tennis which clearly he is not.
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