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I agree. Yea love me some Bruguera.( Another guy of course who Fed would "destroy" on clay) I always felt Sergi should have managed another 2 French titles anyways. The amount of RPM's he could generate on the ball considering the racket technology at the time was pretty ridiculous

I try to go back on youtube once a month and catch Bruguera in '93 at the french. He was awesome that year. Took out Pete, Medvedev and Courier
Nobody expected him to win either of the French Opens he won. In 1993 Courier was the heavy favorite all along, and just before the final. In 1994 he had a dissapointing clay season heading into Roland Garros, and Bruguera was the new big thing on clay. He played incredible tennis both years to win.

He played really well in 1997 too, too bad he got nervous for the final, but he was playing another clay great to be Kuerten who played incredible that day also. I remember being excited in 1997 when he beat Sampras at Miami (on hard courts) and made the final, and then made that French Open final run, it seemed like he was really on his way back, but that would be his last hurrah of sorts.

Injuries definitely wrecked his career from 96 onwards especialy.
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