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Originally Posted by hcb0804 View Post
They are very comfortable, but I would not say it is a low to the ground shoe at all. The heel actually feels noticeably elevated compared to most tennis shoes, as has been noted in reviews and other comments.
I believe it is actually more elevated, though I don't have measurements for it.

Actually, about a year ago, I believe, newyorkstadium started a thread about getting measurements from current shoes as to how high off the ground they actually were. We were the only two posters who expressed interest/saw the thread. We were having the easiest time measuring heel height, though I'd really like to see how high the forefoot is too, which would allow us to also measure the drop of the shoe.

Here's the small table newyorkstadium created.

Propulse 3 - 3.45cm
Barricade 7 - 3.2 cm
Asics gel game 3 - 2.85 cm
Yonex SHT-304 - 3.4cm
Used Prince Viper VI - 3.2cm

Unfortunately, neither of us had a current pair of Nike shoes to measure. But you can see that the Yonex 304 (which is my current game-day shoe) has a higher heel height than the Barricade 7.
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