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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
I'm play testing Pacific Tough Gut 16 crossed with WC Mosquito Bite Red at 50/50 lbs in Prestige LM Mid, and from 2 hours of hard hitting I can tell it will be tough to break. No signs of notching, only a slight wear on the surface of both gut and poly strings. But it performs as a very low powered, control oriented setup, which is surprising for natural gut/poly setup at 50 lbs. I think for such a dense string pattern, Pacific Tough Gut may be safely strung at low 40s. I hope it will break in and become more energetic, as Prestige LM Mid can definitely use some help from the stringbed in terms of power. My sore shoulder could use some help too.
Pacific says, or used to say that their gut could be strung looser because it was stiffer. I have always had good luck with their gut and find the wear to be as you described. If you really want to extend the life of the string, after you play, do a little preventative maintenance and install string savers where ever you see wear.
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