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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
Just curious what your thoughts are about that extra 0.5 inches on a tennis racket and whether it makes a noticeable and improved difference to your game, specifically in terms of maneuverability and timing. I mean 0.5 inches is just 1.27 cms right? All the extra long rackets back in the day came in at 28 inches, a full inch longer. So half an inch isn't that big a deal now, right? Or is it??

I'm referring mainly to the AeroPro Drive + and Pure Drive + models. I can live with the regular versions but it would be nice if they were slightly more headlight. If I don't wanna bother with lead mods, should I simply migrate to the Plusses?
First answer: That's what she said!

Now that it's out of the way, I do find a significant difference. Even w/ a regular length racquet, I'm very close to having my pinky off the racquet on my FH vs. BH and volleys. On my second serve, I have my pinky off the handle.

If you want a more headlight racquet, I suggest you put a leather grip +overgrip or add weight. Most extended racquets also have a bigger swingweight. Although the PDR+ is 6pts HL (vs. 5) it *felt* less HL while swinging. I ended up preferring the regular length PDR as it was less stressful on my 1h-BH.

If I had a 2hBH or askewed groundstrokes playing S&V, I could see myself using an extended length racquet. One thing though I have seen is people report shoulder pains w/ longer racquets, even so called arm friendly frames like the ProKennex 7.
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