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Originally Posted by Qubax View Post
I wish.

At the beginning of Raonic match, Roddick was bad.

His serve was pretty bad, or should I say 15-20 MPH slower for the majority of the match. He went for a couple of big ones in the 3rd set and by big I mean 115mph(yikes)

As the match wore on he got a little more competent hitting groundies, and showed that he still has an underated net game(even in retirement)

But Roddick wanted to win waaaaay more then Milos. It was good to see Roddick actually kind of fighting for the match toward the end of it...but it was sad to know that it was just a one of Exo.

I wish Roddick would have taken NOT retired, but instead taken like 3 months off to rest, recover, rehabilitate the hamburger helper shoulder and then make a calculated slow come back with about 6-8 weeks of training leading into the Aussie Open.

I believe HAD Roddick taken the 3 months off to heal, without announcing his retirement, he could have come back and been a bit more rejuvenated Physically and mentally. The fact is though that Roddick has instead just been eating fried food, getting fat and living the good life. I think a part of him missed the competition and would love to compete again...but the's too much....

...and to come back from doing jack squat for 3 months would taken some serious leg work. It's a shame he isn't hungry enough to try...

signed - grieving Roddick fan....
Let him go He's had a good career. There are so many players who are around Roddick's level that never won a slam. Nalbandian and Haas for example. I will always remember his rivalry with Federer. Although it was very one-sided, you always felt that (especially in those wimbly finals) Roddick had a chance, but never managed to take it.
He also has a very likable personality. I liked watching Roddick's interviews more than anyone else's. Even his on court antics (racquet breaking, the petty arguments with the umpires) were very amusing to me because he just acts how he wants to. It's a nice change up from the other players who act how they are supposed to act.

And to be honest, the last 3 years or so, his groundstrokes just weren't good enough to keep it up with the rest of the top players, so maybe it's better that he quit now.
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