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Thanks. I will study this... am wondering if my tear is a good candidate for
arthroscopic surgery.
MR imaging has emerged as an important modality in the non-invasive evaluation of osseous and soft-tissue structures in the post-traumatic knee.

However, it is sometimes impossible to determine with confidence if a focus of high signal intensity in the meniscus is confined to the substance of the meniscus or if it extends to involve the joint surface.

This is a critical differentiation because the latter represents meniscal tears that can be found and treated arthroscopically, whereas the former represents degeneration, intrasubstance tears or perhaps normal variants that are not amenable to arthroscopic intervention
I notice that the MRI report says:
Posterior horn of the Medial meniscus show small focus of altered signal intensity extending up to Capsular surface

If "capsular surface" = "joint surface" it appears that my tear is amenable to surgical repair.

But on the other hand, the MRI says it's a "Grade II degeneration" and degenerative tears don't respond well to surgery...

I'll have to keep studying...
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