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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
most Australian Opens
most U.S Opens
most French Opens (not even top 20 in that probably as probably atleast that many have more than 1 French Open)
most years as the #1 player (people say Sampras has the most, but in reality the most would be Gonzales or Laver, there was just no computer rankings then, either way it isnt Federer)
best year W-L record
longest winning streak
A single Calendar or Non Calendar Grand Slam
most tournament wins
most tournament wins in a year
No Davis Cup title

Quite a large number actually. Then even ones he holds he often shares (eg- most Wimbledons, most Masters), and others he basically only holds due to the format of the game as we know it only starting up 40 years ago (eg- most slams, Gonzales and Rosewall would both have many more had it been Open tennis then like today). As I said he is far from the Michael Phelps of tennis. Now if it were Phelps you were talking about you probably couldnt think of a single one.
He does have the longest winning streak on grass and hard court. DC is a team sport. And few items from your lists are decades ago, which you have claimed those numbers isn't comparable to today's standard(i.e. Laver's 200 titles).

Anyway, you're asking Federer to be perfect, which no goat in any sport are perfect themselves. Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan has a long list of records/streaks like Federer, and I'm sure if you dig in you can find other records/streaks that they don't hold. Yet, the consensus they are the greatest to their respective sport.
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