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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
My best F1 drivers in order would be:

1. Alonso
2. Vettel
3. Raikonnen
4. Hamilton
5. Rosberg
6. Button

Everyone else sucks so I wont bother going down from there, lol (that includes grandpa Schumacher btw). I could see some arguing Vettel as best driver, but this year atleast I think he definitely only came out ahead of Alonso due to the faster car.
The poll is about who is faster not who is better overall, Vettel has proven He is great (maybe greater than Alonso), Vettel has won with Toro Rosso when it was a crappy car, with red Bull before it was great... and of course when it's great, He is up to the car, He wins the titles, so after this championship Vettel has surpassed Alonso in titles and is on the same level of capability, so to me Vettel is a better drive overall and for sure faster.

Grandpa Schumacher never had anything going right from him nor a decent car nor motivation level, he was back because of money and fun, nothing else.

Schumacher is the best there ever was- the end.
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