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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
Sometimes there won't be any explanations for situations, specially in deals that only a few people know about it, that is why Bobby Jr's explanation sound reasonable to what may be the deal.

Players go through shoes faster than most people think, sometimes the deliveries happen to tournament sites sometimes to hotels, their residencies etc... if a player is using older model of shoes it can be for a lot of different reasons, Murray was wearing Nike at the time on clay because he was allowed by Adidas to wear since the Nike may have been a better shoe at the time for Murray, still He was sponsored by Adidas, but Murray is/was a different case.

Djokovic, the number 1 player in the world is getting sponsorship money from Adidas, as any top player get paid to wear shoes from a brand. Being on Adidas site or not doesn't mean much, maybe Adidas doesn't want to put Djokovic's picture there because what most people will see is Uniqlo (which pays him to wear clothes in every photo shoot), and that's the last thing Adidas want is someone like Djokovic to be wearing a competitor's apparel on their site - meaning Adidas will be promoting Uniqlo.

Anyway, Bobby Jr is right on the money with what may just as well be what happened in the "Djokovic's case" .
I like this explanation, especially because only faces showing on Adidas page are fully sponsored by Adidas -- no Kei, no Novak...

On the other hand --Murray was allowed to wear Nikes, Djokovic was not when he did and had to tape the swoosh thing...and it was all over the web news... Does not fully add up...however, I suspect your explanation would be that he was with FP sponsored for clothing...

Why is UNIQLO promoting Adidas (their competitor) in their stores?
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