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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
^^^Helps great deal. I did notice Lopez gets a lot of help from Gronollier moving and picking off volleys. although Gronollier cost the team that 2nd set by missing 3 easy volleys. he seem to volley better while moving and not standing still, which is kind of weird.

Which team is better ? Lopez and Nadal or Lopez and Gronollier ?
Moving forward through your volley typically makes them easier. By going to get the ball it will be higher in your strike zone and your forward momentum will add pace, which means you don't have to swing as hard and can emphasize control. Also, the closer you are to the net the more angle you have to work with.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
^^^Also will, can Amateurs learn anything from Lopez and how he plays ? He stays back on his serve which is something I am not used to doing at 4.5 level. I was taught to serve and volley most of the time.
Also I formation is something that Amateurs rarely use if ever. even at 4.0 and 4.5 level doubles, you almost never see it. cause guys just don't believe they can pull it off effectively
Staying back is something you can do if your serve (particularly second serve) is getting punished. Some guys hit an approach shot off of the return. So in effect the server is replacing a potentially tough first volley around the service line with an easier approach shot.

I think what's really important to highlight is that pros might stay back but that doesn't mean they become passive. The baseline guy is still aggressive, whether that means he's looking for opportunities to close or he's hitting shots that set up his net man to pick off the subsequent reply.

Mindset is really important - and often overlooked. Don't be Passive Pete. Stay aggressive.
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