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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
My best F1 drivers in order would be:

1. Alonso
2. Vettel
3. Raikonnen
4. Hamilton
5. Rosberg
6. Button

Everyone else sucks so I wont bother going down from there, lol (that includes grandpa Schumacher btw). I could see some arguing Vettel as best driver, but this year atleast I think he definitely only came out ahead of Alonso due to the faster car.
Originally Posted by Fedfer View Post
I think that Alonso is still the best driver...followed by Vettel , Raikkonen and Hamilton
Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Same as me. I do think the last 2 years Vettel was the best driver though, and even this year I still think he is the 2nd best. So to people like Peters who ask if I have changed my mind on anything, not really. I definitely stand by all my past opinions.

I know some Hamilton homers say he is the best or atleast better than Vettel yet he struggles to stay ahead of Button in the same car, and in fact last year was well beaten by Button in points. Sorry he is not the best, if he had Alonso or Vettel as a teammate naturally he would be well behind in points, if someone like Button was leading him in season points at times each of their 3 season together, and did the entire season last year, unless someone is going to seriously argue Button is better than either of them, lol! On his day he can be faster than anyone but he is erratic as heck and makes tons of driving errors and car management errors.
Hamiliton is at least 1a to Alonso's 1. vettel has the best car/best engineer/most reliable team/team leader, while hamilton works for a carousel of engineers with the bright idea of starting from scratch each year instead of developing the car in a progression/ team that believes in equal treatment/ favored button. button finished ahead of hamilton because he had a top 10 car and that's where he kept it. ham took the same car which was setup for button and was competiting for race wins and pushing it to the limit hence why he had so much crashes because he was embarassing massa who didn't want to lose to a slower car. vettel is very overrated even his own boss horner shows it by his actions. he always talks abbout vettel but keeps using worthless stats like wins and wdc all that shows is vettel has a better car. he never mentions any skills like overtaking or drive control. he is scared ham will embarass his guy-

he beat alonso in similar equipment and no f1 expert rates kimi over lewis....
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