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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
I like this explanation, especially because only faces showing on Adidas page are fully sponsored by Adidas -- no Kei, no Novak...

On the other hand --Murray was allowed to wear Nikes, Djokovic was not when he did and had to tape the swoosh thing...and it was all over the web news... Does not fully add up...however, I suspect your explanation would be that he was with FP sponsored for clothing...

Why is UNIQLO promoting Adidas (their competitor) in their stores?
I don't know much of the details, but may be because Uniqlo does not have shoes, but clothing store would not mind showing shoes and may as well be in the contract, it may also be because shoes are small part of the picture or they aren't showed on all pictures, usually when people see a full picture of a tennis player, what they see more ate clothes and tennis racquet.
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