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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
PP, yeah, Gads and i were talking about how my stroke is flatter than his so sticks that tend to be loopy for him are ok for me. i can hit w/ heavy spin or flatten it out w/ the apd and get surprisingly good control from it which is unusual with a racquet this powerful. but i may ultimately be unable to use the apd because my shoulder is pretty sore this morning.
My wrist became sore after using the APD without a damp on that first hit, and then last night i mostly stayed away from the APD largely because the wrist was still feeling it and I thought it might be better to be safe (that said, I still hit with it, but not nearly as much as my tgk and always with a damp) ... And today my wrist feels totally fine. So.. Not conclusive that the APD was the culprit (wrist also could have been tweaked bc that first hit was simply my first tennis outing in awhile), but it's certainly a possibility since I first felt it with the APD in hand and something to keep in mind for anyone trying the APD. I'd be less worried, if not for the APD/PD's history of bothering some arms.
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