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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
I was referring to Division I teams, which is the main focus of Title IX discussions. Adding up Divisions I, II, and III (which has never even had scholarships) is not relevant to a Title IX discussion.
Oh, you were referring to D1 teams. Well, then, I think after this series of posts you have finally said what you meant: that there are a handful fewer men's D1 tennis teams today than there were three decades ago. Eight fewer, to be exact.

But then again, to use data from the NCAA (instead of makingitup, nothavingany) is to, as you say, to be misled by propagandists. (Where is the data going to come from, anyway? Are you going to count teams? Am I? You can't seriously mean that to use any data from the NCAA in discussion of intercollegiate athletics is to be "misled.")

Like I had said on p. 1 of this thread, the causes for Maryland losing its men team are many--a perfect storm, almost, of overextending scant resources, diminishing funding sources, and lack of success.
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