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Originally Posted by Shaochieh View Post
why TW will not honor their own web advertisement for the 55 percent discount on the racket when I called today. The sells lady misinformed me that was for older c10 pro clearly not true.
The great deal on the C10 was for the 2012 version. They also sold out the 2010 version for an outstanding price in the last few weeks.

It was clear from the web site that it was the newest version. In general TW bends over backwards to make their customers happy. Very much not the norm these days. Their sales and customer service is outstanding in my book. I would be the 1st one (anyone that knows me would verify this) to rip into a company if I was unhappy. Just give them a buzz and ask for a manager if you have an issue, state your case and hope for the best. Posting here is a very slow way to get an answer. Good luck!!
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