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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
I've had many bad losses so hard to pick out the worst! But I know exactly what you're saying about being mentally not there after having a chance to close it out.

In my case, I was playing one of the top 4.5s in the area in a league match (I'm a mid-level 4.5). My opponent rarely loses at 4.5 level, has been to nationals, etc. Anyway, I was playing great that day. I took the first in a TB. In the second, we were on serve until he was serving at 4-4, and I broke
him to be serving for the match at 5-4. And I blew it. And then checked out mentally. He held for 6-5, broke me to take the set 7-5, and then ran away with the third (6-1).

The worst thing is that after the match everyone told me that it was a great result - I played him close, had chances, and that's more than anyone expected. But of course I know I could (should) have won the match.
Thanks for the responses. I helps to see some of what other guys are thinking/have been through. I've read several places that you learn a lot more form your losses than your wins. Isn't that the truth. When I win, I just think, well, that's cool. But when I lose . . . I guess now, 24 hours later, I need to start thinking about the take-away from the match: even though I DF at 40-30, that doesn't mean the game was over. Lots of times I've blown 40-0, 40-15 leads and gone to deuce and fought and won the game.

Just because you don't win a game or a set when you thought/ expected/wanted to win it, that doesn't mean you can't keep fighting and win it in a later time. Looking back to yesterday, it was like I acted like a petulant child and was just unwilling or unable to give maximum effort to the cause after losing those two points. What's remarkable is that I can't even remember that happened at deuce or ad-out, which is rare for me. I have excellent match recall, but it was just like a vacated the premises when that second serve went long and I started yelling at myself out loud about choking.
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