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I disagree with the OP Arantxa was an incredible clay court player and I believe regardless of whether Monica Seles got stabbed or not she would have WON the French Open more than once. Has the OP forgotten the 1991 French Open semifinal when Aranxta destroyed Steffi 6-0 6-2? Or how about the 1992 US OPEN women's quarterfinals Arantxa once again beat Steffi rather easily 7-6 6-3 in straight sets.
Arantxa was a tough player she beat Graf in her first grand slam final at the tender age of seventeen in 1989 stopping Graf from winning the grand slam.

Sanchez Vicario didn't have big weapons but she had the mental toughness and she had the heart of a champion. You had to play your best to beat Arantxa she NEVER beat herself.

Sanchez Vicario inflicted some big losses to Graf in her career and managed to beat Steffi twice in slam finals and beat Seles in the 1998 French Open final too.
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