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Rubbing in a PTFE oil, like Glide Slide or CLP Break Free, works just like wax. It does not have to be dripping to work properly. I soak it with oil and wipe off any extra.

Sure cleaning with alcohol works, but it needs to be lubed afterwards.

A while back, I broke a bolt on the gripper of my Sensor. Had to take it apart to replace the broken bolt, it was sticking closed every so often. The hard part was getting the ball bearings to stay in the track while trying to re-assemble the gripper. I used PTFE grease to hold the bearings in place while I re-assembled the gripper. Since then I don't have the sticking problem and never have to lube it.

Everyone thinks WD-40 is the oil for everything, but it's a very light lubricate. It's a penetrating oil so by nature it will drip. It dries up and has to be re-applied often.
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