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I disagree with the OP Arantxa was an incredible clay court player and I believe regardless of whether Monica Seles got stabbed or not she would have WON the French Open more than once.
It is possible but it would have been difficult. From 1993-1996 she would have had to likely beat Graf and Seles back to back to win one, and Seles owned her and was a much worse opponent for her than Graf was. Either that or 1 of them and an on fire Pierce or Martinez in one of their peak years, or maybe all 3 in a row. After 1996 she was past her prime. In 1998 the draw just broke her way perfectly, most of all she avoided Hingis who she had no hope vs that point. Any change in the draw and Sanchez runs into Hingis at any point (and probably Venus as well by then, yes even on clay, or even possibly any of Pierce, Seles before the final rather than in the final, or even Kournikova who beat her numerous times that year including on clay) and she is probably toast.

Has the OP forgotten the 1991 French Open semifinal when Aranxta destroyed Steffi 6-0 6-2? Or how about the 1992 US OPEN women's quarterfinals Arantxa once again beat Steffi rather easily 7-6 6-3 in straight sets.
I already acknowledged Sanchez was a somewhat tough opponent for Graf, which is why the Seles stabbing was so great for her, the womens game sucked in the 93-95 period and there was nobody there other than Graf left, the only dominant player she matches up half decently with. Graf was the only one of the greats she was a somewhat tough opponent for though. She is 2-18 lifetime vs Hingis, 3-17 vs Seles, and 3-12 vs Navratilova even though Navratilova was way into her 30s for most of those.

Graf was also in a major slump around that time, losing 7 of 8 matches to Sabatini and generally playing very poorly. Even in 1994-1996 when Sanchez played her best ever tennis she never came close to beating Graf that easily, and didnt beat her as often.

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