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Roddick hasn't played at anything like his old level since he won 2010 Miami. It's been steadily downhill ever since. He once said that he would quit if his ranking drifted too far outside the top ten. He was #39 when he decided to call it a day.

I'm sure he could have carried on for a few more years, like Hewitt, even winning one or two more small titles but generally struggling, like Hewitt, to get past the early rounds of the big tournaments. Once he realised that he was never again going to be able to compete for top titles and had no chance of regaining his top ten ranking, it was the end for him. I guess he is just one of those guys who can't get motivated unless he can mix it with the best!

He's achieved things that 99% of players can only dream of and his place in tennis history is assured. I'm sure we will continue to see him at various exhos and eventually the Seniors Tour.

But yes, I will miss him too.
I agree with all that and I perfectly understand how reaching that point for a former #1 and 5 time slam finalist is too much to want to keep going. In fact I often wonder how someone like Hewitt manages himself to keep going, but it admirable I suppose that he is able to. I dont think if I were in his situation I would be able to motivate myself to work so hard each day knowing where I once was, and where I am now, already being in my 30s.
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