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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I have to say, the specs on the new APD are right in my wheelhouse.
11.3 oz and sw of 325ish is perfect for me. I just always HATED the look of those APD's!. Plus I'm not a huge Rafa fan either. I guess I could always spray paint it matte black?
The juice is the same type of stick though, are you going to ride it out for a bit? I would personally.

Switched my left hand on the 2 hander to an eastern and suddenly i was driving the ball so much better. I need to investigate this further. Will try and film next time so i can see how it works. What grips do you folks use on your 2 handers? I was conti/sw, but i think the conti/eastern may suit the backhand i was taught a lot better.
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