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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
If you look at the TW playtesters for the review they are all good or very good players. They have no problem generating power with different types of rackets. One of the things about the APD is that although a lot of club players like it because of the power it has, it is best in the hands of a very advanced player.
You may be sort of right. I played some doubles this afternoon and feel I'm adjusting to this racquet. However, I still feel the TW review score of "87" is misleading considering the PDR 2012 got an 89? I know they discourage comparing numbers across reviews but we all do it anyway. The APD has nice spin and placement but I wouldn't want anyone to expect they were going to get a boost similar to the PDR.

Now that I've played singles, doubles, hit w/ the wall and ball machine, I feel I can justify adding lead. I'm sure the better players are able to hit the center of percussion reliably, but I'm feeling shaky on volleys. I can see why they rate it well for manuevarability and I do well in the hand to hand doubles net exchanges, but it's down right uncomfortable when they rip a shot at me from the baseline. Hopefully I can find a balance b/w mass and agility w/ this frame.
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