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This was an interesting comeback for sure - with his first comeback season especially being an unmitigated failure (beaten in every race by his team-mate .. well, once the penalty at Monaco was factored in). Glad he achieved a podium at least!

He was a talent almost beyond compare in his era but was smart enough to make sure he was in the right place with the right team and support around him. The thing that irks me (and I'm sure many others) is how he couldn't endear himself to the world more even when he was clearly number 1 - even Prost used to make an effort - and why he routinely would make use of unfair advantage or plain cheat to get what he wanted - and then explain it away as if it never happened. Clearly he's a rare genius - sad to see him go without being able to show much of his previous magic in more than a couple of overtaking moves.
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