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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
I'm wondering how much the difference between the normal black grommets & the clear grommets make impact on the feel. Maybe the clear ones are a bit softer. I'm going to try the 25th edition with clear grommets soon.
The clear cap grommet weighs less than the black grommet, something you might want to take into account. Also the construction of the black grommet is "thicker" than the clear grommet and it might explain why you're feeling the racquet to be "stiff".

Originally Posted by thecrusher956 View Post
JD, how would you describe the power drop off? I really like the Aero Storm Tour but sometimes i hit shots that go long just by a little bit.
The power drop off isn't huge, but the largest noticeable difference is that the IG MP Prestige's shots "arc" less than of the aero storm tour when you're trying to apply topspin. To get that high arc on the IG MP Prestige, I felt that I had to really brush up on the ball, where as on the Aero Storm Tour the arc came naturally.
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