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Ok I may have been a little hasty in my dismissal of the Blade. Played again with it and I have to say it has started to win me over. I think the problem I had with it was largely string related. First time I strung it up with Mosquito bite-and results were so so. I could see PP's attraction to the frame but did not see any benefits that could take it beyond the Prestige. For the hell of it I then tried out a hybrid of Scorpion/OGSM feel was there but power was too much. So I decided to try Outlast as I know it is much more feel/playable poly at 54lbs. Wow what a difference the right set up can make. I now have the confidence to take a big rip at the ball and not worry about is sailing long, feel is right on the money. The added pop/forgivness from this stick gives me that little extra I need from time to time especially on the backhand side when I get tight and don't hit through the ball as I should. (all Prestige users know, this is were the prestige can really punish you if you don't have a nice fluid long stroke). I can't say this is a game changer yet but I am glad I didn't dismiss this stick too quickly.
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