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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Wait a minute, can someone give me a definition of a pusher? Reading through this thread, it seems like it is just someone who is consistent? Am I wrong?
There is no accepted definition. For some people, it's anyone that hits safe shots back without going for winners. For others, it refers to people with limited skills that moonball, junkball or bloop short balls back with no pace.

I consider pushers the latter. I don't consider "retrievers" or "grinders" as pushers. To me a retriever is someone that gets to everything, hits high percentage shots and relies on fitness, consistency and forcing errors. Many of these players have excellent strokes. They may or may not give you pace and often frustrate people.

Pusher, retriever, grinder, many people don't like to play them as it exposes that they aren't as good as they think. A reasonably good player will destroy a pusher that just bunts the ball back. If you can't beat these people it's time to stop complaining and start practicing more.
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