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Originally Posted by stringwalla View Post
Address unruly glide bars by
-cleaning all residues (as stated above with alcohol)

-I lubricated track and rails with the hard wax (I guess the same as pure candle wax).
My H works but not smooth. The clamp is not slide freely and glidebar also not glide freely.
I cleaned up the clamp parts which holding the glidebar with a piece of 1 inch wide and 1 feet long cloth with rubbing alcohol. put the cloth through the hole and pulling the two ends back and forth to clean it up. Very easy and super effective. Now the clamp move FREELY.
I cleaned up the track and the contact piece of the glibebar with rubbing alcohol throughly but still have a bit of resistance to move freely. Waxed it and got worse. So I will say wax the track is NOT working for my H.
Used 3-in-1 alone the track and putting back the glidebar. It is heaven now.
So to conclude my experience, rubbing alcohol to cleanup and very small amount of 3-in-1 for the track only. I won't do it on the glidebar itself.
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