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Default Finally!!Found my perfect set-up!!

After all these years and about 12 racquet changes in between, I have finally found the perfect racquet set-up.

Level: 4.5
Racquet: 2012 Babolat Pure Drives
String: BHBR 17 @ 55, Goosen 16 @58
Lead: 4 grams @ 3 & 9
Grip: Babolat Leather.
Overgrip: Tourna XXL
Damper: Babolat Custom Damp II

I have played about 18 hours with this set-up and its no fluke. The plow through with the lead is amazing. Im loving the hybrid because I can take big cuts at the ball and I have no need to worry about it going long. The hybrid is also easier on the arm so I can string it a little higher for better control. Also, this hybrid is cheeeeap!

These boards have definately helped with reading others set-ups and working through what worked and what didnt. I hope mine will give others an idea what works for them. Thanks tt'ers
2x Babolat Pure Drive Roddicks , Solinco Tour Bite 19g @ 55 (mains), Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16g @ 57 (crosses)
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