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Pacific Tough Gut has been my gut of choice, in fact my main setup (crossed with various polys) for a few years now.

In an 18x20 (midplus for me), it is extremely durable. I have compared it to a few other guts, like VS, Tonic+, Pacific Prime & Classic.

Tough, on multiple occasions, in both 16L and 17 gauge, and over the course of what must be numerous batches (having used the string for a couple years), has outlasted the other guts by a longshot. In some cases 2x-3x the durability/longevity of the other guts.

It is, however, a bit stiffer than the PPrime and of course VS, but still softer than any multi, with way more control than any multi or gut.

Honestly, for a mid to midplus, you can use 17 or if you are a big string breaker, the 16L. The 17 is definitely the most powerful gauge, with impeccable feel. 16L will provide a stable balance of control, power and feel. 16 I have not tried, as I prefer thinner gauges in the Pro Tour 280 MP.

I know some people gripe that Pacific can have less consistent QC than Babolat, but I guess I've been lucky over the years. I think as you move up their product ladder, the QC tends to be better: Prime is on par with VS, Tough is close, Classic is the one with more issues (basically Pacific's "tonic")
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