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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Yeah I knew that, that's why I had it strung at 50 lbs, but now I think I should go for 44 lbs. But we'll see how it plays after break-in period.

I have Babolat stringsavers, but not sure if I want to use them 'cause the stringbed is tough enough on my arm.
It should break in nicely for you. Pacific Tough does have an initial break-in phase where it will seem too stiff for an hour or more. After about 2-4 hours (depending on how hard/often you hit), it will settle in for you. I've found that lowering poly crosses 3lbs from the gut mains help to reduce break-in phase.

Also, great choice on the cross. You are basically using my go-to setup, although I use the 16L TG / WC MB (blue). In my MP, 52/49 has been too good to beat.

^about 4-5 matches in with Tough Gut 16L mains / mosquito bite cross
Head Pro Tour 280/630 MP, 18x20. Tour Bite 1.15/Mosquito Bite 1.16.
Sampras serve, Agassi backhand and Federer forehand. heh heh

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