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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
This is rich beyond words. It is one thing to say Federer is underrated on the Former Pro Section, which while I totally disagree, I can atleast believe one having that opinion. However underrated on the General Player Forum where everyday there are 20 threads entitled "Federer is GOAT" "Why Federer is GOAT" "Federer is the bestest and greatest grass, hard, clay, and nails player ever", and where Federer wins every single poll that there ever is. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah funniest statement ever.
The existence of something going against what he is accusing you of (underrating Federer) need not be disregarded or mean the argument is seen as a joke or put aside. It merely shows that others do not underrate Federer or perhaps underrate others. But..

As you do not have the self-awareness to understand it yourself, by offering such a poor response you are actually showing that you are indeed misunderstanding what he is saying.

There are several arguments for Federer being the greatest professional grass court player. Several arguments, by professionals themselves (the ones you regard to be better than Federer on a grass court), testify to Federer being head and shoulders above them.

Listen and learn!

One aspect of understanding how truly stunning Federer is to tennis and to sport is that there are so few athletes like Federer in any sport, let alone tennis, for the whole duration of the sport, that for someone like him to pop up, naturally all of the sport is compared and tossed together. Some do not understand him by overrating his skills, some expect superhuman performances from him, you do not understand what puts him above others. And let's face it, he is above everyone else in the sport in just about everything meaningful. Stop underrating him!

Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
He also came close to beating Fed in 2007 as well while being injured.. Nadal could very well be 2-1 vs. Fed on grass right now (Probably even better then that if Fed had to deal with Nadal in 2009 and 2010 as well)
Federer had 4-0 at some point against Nadal in their meetings in Monte Carlo 2008 final and Hamburg 2008 final . He had 17 break points against Nadal in the French Open 2007 final. He was 6-1, 1*-0 ahead in the French Open 2006 final. By your very same argument (and I will use your exact words), Federer came close to beating Nadal in 2008 whilst being injured (mono)... Federer could very well be X-X vs Nadal on clay. (Probably even better if Federer had recorded those victories and gained more confidence)

See how poor of an argument it is?

Federer is head and shoulders above Nadal on grass. That is, if you call modern day Wimbledon "grass" grass. Even then, Nadal has lost to players of the calibre of Lopez, Kohlschreiber, etc, on grass. Federer has lost to Nadal, Tsonga, Berdych, Hewitt in his last grass meetings, players who have all reached or won a Major final, and have all reached the SF of Wimbledon (barring Tsonga, all have reached the final).

The point? Players who have beaten Federer on grass have delivered exceptional performances and were expected to do well. Nadal has lost to those on grass who are not expected to do as well, Lopez, Rosol, Kohlschreiber, just to name a few.
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