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Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
I'm just testing out Tough Gut instead of Classic Gut - due to durability issues with Classic Gut. I hit with the Tough Gut (52) and Co-Poly(49) today for the first time. I also had string savers in. The Tough Gut is a bit stiffer and there is not the pocketing and power you get with Classic. Some of this may also be due to the string savers. I didnt have a great day hitting so I'll reserve final judgement - but I'm going to restring my 2nd racket with the exact same configuration (52/49 and string savers) with the Classic Gut - and we'll see if my impressions hold up
I'd say it sounds similar to my experience.

The key with Tough Gut, to me, is to practice a few sessions with it to really get it to settle in. Where it lacks in power and pocketing, it gains in precision and longevity. Once you log a few hours on it, it will play great for many many hours after that. I can easily get 20, 30+ hours of match play on my ToughGut/poly setups. Tough ages like a fine wine, it just gets better and better the longer it stays in the racquet, the pocketing feel will improve as you use it.
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