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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
x-ray and mri shows "mild osteoarthritic changes" in both knees, and small
tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus of right knee.

My knees feel stiff when I run. Very little pain, but I can only jog slowly due to the stiffness.

After completing a jog of 5 miles, the knees begin to hurt a few hours after and it gets worse by the next day.

I have to rest for a day or two before I can jog again.


Why does rest decrease the knee pain?

i.e., If the cartilage that cushions the knee is worn down, shouldn't the knees hurt every time I try to run?
No. I have had a small meniscus tear of the lateral posterior horn of my right knee as well as arthritis in the knee. Today, I no longer have these pains.

First, the pain in your knee will change based on the differing loads (weight distribution) that occurs with different movements. Running forward on a flat surface might not disturb you posterior horn tear that much, but going down a hill or stepping backwards may.

Rest decreases the pain because it decreases the load on the joint. The stiffness you feel is most likely from the swelling that occurs with the movement of the tear.

If your tear is in the white zone it is unlikely to heal by itself. If it is in the red zone (with blood flow) it will probably heal since blood has aMSC to aid the healing process.

With today's technology you can easily heal such a small tear. A prolotherapy shot and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) shot (1-3) will both heal repair your cartilage and heal your meniscus. You can google these shots. They have been used in the U.S for about 20 years, but only a decade or so popularly for orthopedic issues.

I have MRI evidence that they healed my rotator cuff tear, and meniscus tear.

Prolo shots are about 500.00 and PRP runs from 900-1200.00 depending on the doctor.

Make sure that you only go to a physician that makes these injections under ultrasound. It is IMPERATIVE to prevent pain, and make sure the platelets get to the injured area.

Good luck.
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