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Originally Posted by JDMasFCK View Post
The clear cap grommet weighs less than the black grommet, something you might want to take into account. Also the construction of the black grommet is "thicker" than the clear grommet and it might explain why you're feeling the racquet to be "stiff".
Yeah, I'm aware of that. I'm wondering about those who changed the clear grommets for black ones straight away on their red ones without trying the clear ones. If the grommets do change the feel of the rqt, then they wouldnt have experienced the softer feel. It's also strange that if there is this difference that Head don't know how the grommets change the feel, and supply the same (material) grommets for both rqts.

The other thing is that my 25th edition had new grommets, obviously, but my red versions have used grommets and are likely to be a bit softer anyway. I think I'll try and put some used clear grommet on the black one 1st to check that out.


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