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Default help, racquet required for 62yr old mum

dear all,

my mother is getting back into tennis having not really played for 20+ years

to give you some background she was a national player in her youth and played at junior Wimbledon

life took over but she is keen to get playing again, she has been playing with original black Prince graphite racquets (I mean when they first came out, yes that old) but these are too heavy for her now I think and she tried a middle range Wilson and it just gave her tennis elbow

having hit with her a couple of times recently I think she needs something with a bit of power as she was finding it hard to create pace but also arm friendly

slightly at a loss at to where to start, any help gratefully received, thanks

eta does not have to be new as could buy something second hand with a view to selling on if not right for her...
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