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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
This was an interesting comeback for sure - with his first comeback season especially being an unmitigated failure (beaten in every race by his team-mate .. well, once the penalty at Monaco was factored in). Glad he achieved a podium at least!

He was a talent almost beyond compare in his era but was smart enough to make sure he was in the right place with the right team and support around him. The thing that irks me (and I'm sure many others) is how he couldn't endear himself to the world more even when he was clearly number 1 - even Prost used to make an effort - and why he routinely would make use of unfair advantage or plain cheat to get what he wanted - and then explain it away as if it never happened. Clearly he's a rare genius - sad to see him go without being able to show much of his previous magic in more than a couple of overtaking moves.
That's the difference between the him and all others, He was real on and off the camera, what you see is what he is, no lies, not a pretender like most would be, He was there to win, not to hang out, almost a "bad-boy" only because He was that guy, not to mention that he was the best professional in the history of this sport as well, hard worker, never a cry-baby. He was just himself.

I have been watching F1 since 86, Piquet punching Salazar, Prost trying to be someone He wasn't, Senna always whining and complaining when He didn't get what he wanted ( ALA Nadal), now you have a fake Hamilton, Alonso who complains a lot as well.

Schumacher didn't care about others, like most didn't but pretended so, he minded his own business and did what He needed to, I loved when He got a seat on F1 and from the get go never bowed to anybody. Either people hated him because of that or loved him because of that, I personally loved it, F1 isn't tennis, where everybody is friendly, practice with each other pretend all to be the nicest person, F1 is the jungle, and Schumacher came to the jungle to beat everybody- became the best there ever- nobody comes even close. He took Ferrari a garbage made it the best won more than everybody.

The come back was awful, he couldn't practice as much as he needed and Mercedes had bought a team that hadn't developed a car since the beginning of previous year's season, so he got in a hot see to start off, but who would deny $30 mil Euros a year to enjoy himself without having anything to prove at all??
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