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One of the worst was just last month at 4.5 Nationals. Playing doubles. My partner and I was on cruise control. Won the first 6-2 and up 1-0 in the 2nd. These guys weren't bad, but we were better and really matched up well with them. Well, I went back and returned a serve. I pushed off my back foot and my calf cramped up. After the game ended, I asked the ref if I could take an injury timeout to stretch it out.

Well, I got something like 5 minutes. So I stretched it out the best I could and drank a bunch of watered-down Gatorade. I apologized to our opponents and one of the guys was a bit of a ***** about the whole thing. Well, it didn't so much good because it just kept getting worse and I couldn't hardly move at that point. We lost the next set really, really fast and then lost the 10 pointer.

My partner tried to over-compensate for my severe lack of movement by poaching too much and they started picking up on it. I couldn't serve hardly at all and I tried everything from serving and volleying to staying back. If I was pulled just a few feet away, I just couldn't hardly move.

Anyway, what made the loss so bad was that our team was tied at 2-2 and this was the deciding match. Then, afterward, the guy who didn't care for my injury timeout said, loud enough for all to hear, that they won because "(they) were more mentally tough" than us.

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